Sassy Dalmatian throws a temper tantrum when he’s told it’s bedtime

Four-year-olds hate to be told they have to go to bed when they want to stay up longer.

And it turns out Marshall the Dalmatian is no different.

When he is told it’s time to go to bed, he makes it perfectly clear that he’s comfortable where he is and he wants to stay up with his owners, Pete and Ruth Hodges.

But his yawn gives the game away that he’s tired.

In what has become a nightly ritual, when he’s told it’s bedtime, he has a good grumble about it – to no avail.

According to Pete, 55, Marshall has always been a very reactive boy.

Pete said: “Most things become a conversation and he enjoys making us laugh.

“He will also talk when we are telling him to sit and be good. It’s just his way of being part of the family.”

In the video, despite clearly being tired, Marshall tries to tell Pete and Ruth that he doesn’t want to go to bed yet.

Ruth tells Marshall “It’s bedtime” and he begins whining and moaning.

Mid-conversation, Marshall yawns and eventually he gives in and gets up.

Pete said: “I think he just likes being with us. He is a spotty shadow if one of us leaves the room in the evening.”

After a dramatic and very funny few minutes every night, Marshall goes off to bed and sleeps right through the night like a good boy.